Casey Elaine Keith

Patient | Activist | Grower | Mentor

A little About me.

My name is Casey Keith and thank you for wanting to learn about me. I grew up in Ventura, California. Had a typical surfer and skater lifestyle. I worked hard pursuing my career as a Network Security Engineer and that allowed me to travel and relocate various places across the United States. I have owned, still own, or in partnerships for multiple businesses. I consult and facilitate the development of cannabis related businesses.

Diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis and Devic’s disease has changed my priorities in life. I am unwilling to assist anyone who is in the industry for pure profit; an investor must have a valid and real mission to help others; possessing a “Green Heart”. My aide is about changing the health and lives of others.

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The Basics

  • Born: November 1974
  • Hometown: Ventura, California
  • Currently Living: Burbank, California
  • Sign: Scorpio
  • Camera: Canon
  • Entrepreneur
  • Activist

The Personal

  • Sex: Intersex
  • Gender: Female (living as male)
  • Chromosomes: XX
  • Age 42
  • Status: Committed Relationship
  • Children:  Daughter – Chloe
  • Atheist

The Education

The Bad

  • 132 lesions in the brain
  • 64 in the thoracic spine
  • Blind in left eye
  • Paralyzed chest down
  • Approximately 500 lbs.
  • Diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis (RMSS)
  • Diagnosed with Devic’s Disease

Phase I

  • Switched to a Paleo Diet and followed the Whall’s Protocol.
  • I was 500 lbs and physical activity was NOT an option.
  • Stopped ALL GMO’s and have gone fully organic.
  • Added Juicing, including cannabis to my diet.
  • Began Smoking cannabis (hated it at first, now love it, image that!)

Phase II

  • Switched to a Ketogenic diet
  • Paleo choices  while maintaining ketosis
  • Losing 10-20 lbs every week (Scared me, but the science was sound)
  • Began “following the money” of research (something everyone should do)
  • 3 years later I’m over 350 lbs lighter without surgery!
  • No longer blind
  • No longer paralyzed