Casey Elaine Keith


My name is Casey Keith. I am an entrepreneur. I have worked for some wonderful companies while chasing my dream career across the United States. From Southern California, the place I grew up and will always call home, to the humid green cities of North Carolina, eventually returning to sunny Southern California. I landed in Silicon Valley only drop it all in an opportunity to be with my father, Reed Keith, a man I hardly knew. It was during this time that I fell in love with being a business owner; an entrepreneur!

I owned two successful local computer shops, inspired by my father, who owned one himself, eChaps. My main location, AV Computer Doctor, in Lancaster, allowed me to continue to develop a relationship with him. I also owned a photography studio, Studio Elect, that provided free studio time to budding artists and models. Understanding my own personal needs and possessing an engineering background, owning a small business, was a simple success. After my father’s murder and my diagnosis with Multiple Sclerosis and Devic’s Disease, I departed the High Desert and returned to the beaches of my youth in Ventura. I dedicated even more of my time to my research into my diseases really began. The medical establishment, the pharmaceutical industries and the government I grew up believing in blindly, let me down.

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I have Multiple Sclerosis and Devic’s Disease two debilitating and sometimes, deadly, diseases. On September 26th 2012, I woke up blind, paralyzed. Fearing a stroke, I immediately checked myself into the hospital. Initial examination of the symptoms, I was told it was not a stroke. Explaining to me that I would need an MRI they wheeled my, weighting slightly over, 500 lbs. (something none knew looking at me) but in for some imaging. A healthy dose of some sedative was used because squeezing me, like a human tampon, into a tiny MRI at my size, was not a pleasant experience.

I decided to take my health and life’s decisions and choices more seriously. and spend my days researching about my diseases. I consult with other MS patients who have reached out to me after learning of my story. I spend time explaining, sowing them documentation and providing links to the published information I find on PubMed and other US governmental sources. I give people the tools and show them the resources, to allow them to research their own issues and have the ability to address their over-burdened medical professionals. These amazing people who are usually unable to stay up with all current research.

I talk a lot about cannabis. As a California resident and a registered cannabis patient, I have come to experience, appreciate and advocate the use of cannabis. I no longer prescribe to the standard medical methods to treating my illnesses. This comes from applied research, that is freely available, from the US Federal government. I advocate for proper health and nutrition as described by the FDA. I explain how important getting your essential vitamins, essential minerals and essential fatty acids each meal, along with clean water, sunlight, and exercise. Research also shows that happiness are the key to health. I encourage everyone to grow a garden at home and plant herbs for fresh seasonings and other health factors.

I believe in the art of sharing and communicating effectively. I am an educator. I am not an accredited teacher, although I am queried often with various questions. I posses vasts amounts of random knowledge, have the ability to quickly find an answer or postulate and surmise an accurate educated guess. My career and personal life has introduced me to positive, life affirming adventures I endeavor daily to expand.

My name is Casey Keith and I am more than a name.

The Basics

  • Born: November 1974
  • Hometown: Ventura, California
  • Currently Living: Burbank, California
  • Sign: Scorpio
  • Camera: Canon
  • Entrepreneur
  • Activist

The Personal

  • Sex: Intersex
  • Gender: Female (living as male)
  • Chromosomes: XX
  • Age 42
  • Status: Committed Relationship
  • Children:  Daughter – Chloe
  • Atheist

The Education

The Bad

  • 132 lesions in the brain
  • 64 in the thoracic spine
  • Blind in left eye
  • Paralyzed chest down
  • Approximately 500 lbs.
  • Diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis (RMSS)
  • Diagnosed with Devic’s Disease

Phase I

  • Switched to a Paleo Diet and followed the Whall’s Protocol.
  • I was 500 lbs and physical activity was NOT an option.
  • Stopped ALL GMO’s and have gone fully organic.
  • Added Juicing, including cannabis to my diet.
  • Began Smoking cannabis (hated it at first, now love it, image that!)

Phase II

  • Switched to a Ketogenic diet
  • Paleo choices  while maintaining ketosis
  • Losing 10-20 lbs every week (Scared me, but the science was sound)
  • Began “following the money” of research (something everyone should do)
  • 3 years later I’m over 350 lbs lighter without surgery!
  • No longer blind
  • No longer paralyzed