JazDreams is a Surprise

JazDreams, for a cannabis strain, starts off cool, chill, and very cerebral. Then the couch-lock sets in. Not the kind where you drool on yourself. This cannabis strain keeps you alert and conversational. If you are alone, and have a vivid imagination, this is great for the creative process… for later. You will have no motivation to actually get up, but mind is still clear and active.

This medical marijuana strain consistently tests in the 26% THC range. It’s a mid sized yielding plant with rock hard nugs. The flowers are dense and unusually hard. It likes a lot of potassium, especially late in flower.

JazDreams Lineage

  • True OG (Indica mother) X Grandaddy Purple (GDP) (Indica father) = Lucas
  • Lucas (Indica mother) X LSD (Hybrid father) = Lucas Dream
  • Lucas Dream (Hybrid mother) X Blue Dream (Hybrid father) = THIS LOVELY STRAIN