We make conclusions based on the small information that we have. Those conclusions are influenced with our preconceived ideas based on past experiences, And the opinions of others. All of them valid and all of them incorrect.
There is always a difference between opinion and fact. All humans are liars. I am a liar for sure. Action speak louder than words, and so far Trump’s action scare me. His advisers and the people he’s appointing or publicly claiming are very anti-almost everything I am as a human, a person and citizen.
I’m apart of the LGBT community. My loved ones are. Heroes. Former military, civil servants and law enforcement. Tax payers… republican and otherwise. I fear because religious (misinterpreted) ideals are being forced into politics by leaders who don’t truly represent their constituents nor live by religious ideology.
I won’t say much about our flawed political system other than the mention.
My country, The country I grew up in, the United States of America, has always taught me we are a melting pot. What makes us great as a country is our inclusion of multiple nationalities, thoughts, opinions and experience. This became even more aware to me as a former executive in Silicon Valley. Where the greatest minds in IT are not American by birth. The best work ethic I’ve ever known were people not from United States by birth.
Growing up in Southern California, I went to school, lived next to, were friends with many illegals. None of the families I knew used the system. They owned homes, businesses, and paid taxes. Put their kids through college refusing out of pride to use grants. Hard workers and proud! California is an agricultural giant. We feed America. The illegals and immigrants in California work that industry and I don’t know one American born willing to bust their ass off that hard for that pay.
Anti cannabis? Really?! Get educated. Read facts. Ignorance is choice as are peers. There are people on earth that have never heard of Jesus or Allah. It’s about exposure and I understand that. But here in America, there is no reason to remain blind and ignorant of facts. If politicians have done the research then they aren’t trying to help Americans and THAT is a threat.
I am pro human, pro equality, pro freedom. The constitution was designed to protect those things. Most elected leaders are just perverting it it seems to help their friends. Just like all classes of people we help each other. Nepotism is normal. We all do it. Just like many don’t know the life of a billionaire, they don’t know the life of the common man.
I’m not making excuses or complaints just sharing some thoughts. Actions speak louder than words and so far I’m scared.