Grow Friendly Rentals Are Hard to Find

For many cannabis patients here in California it’s hard to find a grow friendly rental. A rental location that understands it is NOT about getting stoned or high, it’s about knowing what you ave is safe. The unfortunate prohibition and the predominate inaccurate propaganda that has been built around cannabis, has made it impossible in some situations. The crimes in America aren’t being committed by marijuana patients.

Patient Discrimination with no Grow Friendly Rentals


Most Home Growers:

  • It’s about medicine
  • It’s about affordability
  • It’s about availability
  • It’s about quality control
  • NOT about addiction
  • NOT about gangs
  • NOT about criminality

Peace Inducing

Addiction Free




Considered Offering a Grow Friendly Rental?

All owners are concerned for their property so. As a patient, home grower, and former renter, allow me to offer a few things from an experienced perspective. Most successful relationship and ventures come back to open communication and clarity that brings understanding for all parties. The big scary question renters fear is:

You don’t smoke or grow pot, do ya?

That question immediately puts walls up because renters feel pre-judged with the everlasting stigmatism of the “stoner crowd.” Medical marijuana is often a better and always a safer alternative to the harsh addictive prescription opioids, anti-anxiety pills, and anti-depressant medications. Cannabis is expensive and nobody wants to get robbed. Home medical growers keep their business pretty private.

Some worry about fire because electrical usage. Modern day of age that is rarely an issue. With the advent of LED (especially full spectrum LED’s) home growers are able to produce perfect medicine without having to overload circuits with high wattage lights and supporting air conditioning.

What about the smell?! Again, most home growers do not want to draw any additive attention and use inexpensive carbon air filters. These filters trap in the terpenes (scent and smell from cannabis and all flowers are actually called terpenes.) These terpenes can be of a variety of aromas and some are quite pleasing.

I hope after November that cannabis patients here in California find it easier to find rentals and living situations.